There are many advantages to having home veterinary service, both to you and your pet. We offer compassionate pet care in the comfort of your own home.

We strive to deliver a level of service that exceeds the expectations of our clients.

Appointment Hours
Monday through Friday 10am to 5pm
Saturday 9am to 2pm



Choosing a mobile veterinarian for your pet's care has several advantages over the traditional veterinary hospital setting: 

Advantages For the Client

  • Convenience

  • Time saving: eliminates driving time to and from a clinic

  • No pet hair or "accidents" in the car to clean up

  • All pets in the household can be examined in one visit

  • Closer, more personal, doctor-patient-client relationship

  • Less stress to the pet is less stress to the pet owner

  • Ideal for elderly or homebound pet owners

  • Enables families to experience compassionate in-home euthanasia, when indicated

Advantages For the Patient

  • Quiet one-on-one personal attention

  • No exposure to strange pets

  • Less risk for contagious disease

  • No stress of travel

  • Ideal for geriatric or mobility impaired pets

  • Preferred for newborn or immune compromised patients

  • Sedation to the pet is rarely necessary

  • The mobile clinic provides a safe and sanitary environment


TOBIAS Mobile Veterinary Practice LLC uses a 26 ft. mobile veterinary clinic that was custom built on a Ford 450 chassis to Dr. Gorman's specifications. 

Features of our truck include:

  • Smith Surgivet anesthesia machine with an active gas evacuation system

  • DelMarva dental scaler and polisher

  • Portable electrocardiogram, pulse oximeter and blood pressure monitor

  • American Optical microscope

  • Clay-Adams centrifuge for spinning blood and urine samples

  • Laptop computer with portable printer

  • Wireless internet with credit card processing capabilities

  • Small on-board pharmacy with access to a full-service pharmacy that delivers medication and food to the clients' homes

  • Many on-board diagnostic tests with access to a full-service veterinary laboratory

  • 7-foot interior height

  • Dual heat and A/C units

  • Video camera for backing up

  • Central vacuum system

  • Stainless steel holding cages

  • Digital walk-on scale

  • Examination table with tub sink beneath

  • HF100AP MinXray x-ray unit with digital processor and flat screen display

  • Separate surgical suite

What does it cost to have a veterinarian come to my home?

There is a trip fee of between $80 and $95 for clients within our service area, which includes much of Chester County and eastern Montgomery County. An additional fee applies for those outside our normal service area and this will be discussed when the appointment is requested. Our normal service area includes:

$80 trip fee: 19087 Chesterbrook, 19301 Paoli, 19312 Willistown, 19333 Devon, 19341 Exton, 19355 Malvern, 19380 West Chester, 19403 Audubon/Trooper, 19406 King of Prussia, 19425 Chester Springs, 19460 Phoenixville, and 19475 Spring City

$95 trip fee: 19073 Newtown Square, 19085 Villanova, 19426 Collegeville, and 19468 Royersford

The basic pet examination fee is only $45, and $38 for each additional pet seen on the same day.

Prices for services such as vaccinations, laboratory testing, radiographs ("x-rays") and surgeries are comparable to stationary veterinary clinics. We will be happy to provide you a detailed estimate for all our services before coming to your home.

Our pharmaceuticals, prescription diets and supplies are also competitively priced. What we do not have on board the truck can be ordered through our online store and delivered directly to your home, often with no charge for shipping and/or handling.


Our Services


Mobile Veterinary Care


Our fully-equipped mobile clinic allows us to bring a vast array of veterinary services to your doorstep.

In-Home Euthanasia


We can come to your home to provide this compassionate and fear-free service for your ailing pet.

Phyllis’ Adoptions


Meet some of the pets who have come into our care and are in search of their forever homes.

Who we are

Dr. Pat Gorman


Dr. Gorman is a 1986 graduate of North Carolina State University’s School of Veterinary Medicine. In 1993 she moved from Wilmington, N.C. to Chester County where she has been practicing companion animal medicine for 25+ years. In 2015, Dr. Gorman left employment in a traditional, brick and mortar veterinary hospital to reach out to her patients in a more relaxed and fear-free setting... their own homes!  A long-time member of the Great Valley community, Dr. Gorman has been involved locally with the scouts, Paoli Presbyterian Church and the Brandywine Symphonic Chorale.

Phyllis Ruley


Phyllis Ruley is a veterinary technician with over 30 years’ experience. She has extensive knowledge of every aspect of the veterinary business. When an animal comes into her care, she will make every effort to see that they live a long, happy life in a home where they are loved and cherished.  Her nursing skills are surpassed only by her compassion.  Phyllis has a passion for finding homes for pets in need.  You can learn more about her rescue efforts under the “Phyllis’ Adoptions” heading.

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Visit our Online Pharmacy for all of your pet food and medication needs.


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